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Curse of the Mummy's Hand...

A fabulous story about a mummy's hand was recounted on Monday 13 August 1934 in the Western Daily Press and Bristol Mirror.  It reported the sudden and unexpected death of Mr Jean Julien Romain Van Der Elst, aged 42, who was a well-known collector of antiquities.  Mr Van der Elst, a descendant of the famous Flemish painter, Rieter Van der Elst, lived at Addison Lodge, Addison Road, where he kept many antiques, including a large collection of Chinese objects. It was however Mrs Van Der Elst, a self-proclaimed student of witchcraft, who claimed responsibility for introducing the mummy's hand into Addison Lodge.  
Three year's previous to her husband's unfortunate death, Mrs Van Der Elst had bought the hand in Egypt from a local Bedouin. An archaeologist then declared into be 7000 years old and to be the hand of a princess. 'My husband never wanted it' she declared to the reporter, 'but it was my unbridled desire to have it'.  Since that time, she and her h…

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